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another point for me is a possibility to contact the tester.
A prior rejection reason for an update of my game "Morzyn" was a missing menu button (that was absolutely ok, because it leads to bad usability, so I included one), my last rejection reason was battery consumption when minimizing while the AI players do their move.
This is intended behaviour, but my game was rejected because it consumes 3%-10% CPU while the AI players move (round-based) and the game is minimized (measured by top). When the game waits for the players move, I don't see it in "top". I love to finish my move, switch to my mail folders or read facebook messages while the other 6 AI players make their move.
Another point is that in future I want to include network gaming. Therefore I also want it to run in background. The great thing of Sailfish OS is that one can simply close an app like in the good old desktop days, if you don't want it to consume power.
So now I have no idea how to react on this and just did nothing, because I also have desktop and Android versions to take care of. But I'm not happy that the few users of Morzyn can't profit from the fixes of the update and have to deal with the version in store.


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> Subject: [SailfishDevel] Harbour QA process...
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> Hi,
> currently, the Harbour QA process is quite frustrating, as problems
> are reported one after the other, with a delay of several days
> inbetween... reminds me of the old time cobol compilators!
> It would be cool if the efforts made by the developper to provide free
> native application were a bit more considered.
> Ok, I'm talking out of frustration, but I had my app rejected first
> because of naming conventions of the app itself (I didn't properly
> read the FAQ, but it is not stated either in the app submission page
> of Harbour), delay of 7 days, then because of rmp file naming
> convention (which I did not find clearly stated except in the
> rejection notification - 5 more days). Now I am waiting for next step
> (2 days for now...)
> I understand this is a lot of work, but what I suggest is :
> - - more controls and more information in the app submission page
> (testing the naming conventions of at least the files seems trivial)
> - - when doing QA, report all problems at once, not just the first one
> - - maybe provide a QA tool so that developpers could do this job and
> let jolla teams concentrate on real QA (power consumption, security
> checks, ...)
> Hope this does not sound too demanding...
> Best regards,
> Franck
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