[SailfishDevel] Howto ship QML plugins for harbour

dcaliste at free.fr dcaliste at free.fr
Thu Jan 9 10:39:12 UTC 2014


   I need to ship two system QML plugins with my app for it to validate the
harbour recommendations. How can I do this ?

Let's take the example of QtPositioning

We have:
[nemo at SailfishEmul devel]$ rpm -ql qt5-qtdeclarative-import-positioning

So, in the spec file, I can install these three files in
/usr/share/$APPNAME/qml. But in the FAQ of the harbour, they say that one should
rename the import to harbour.appname.QtPositioning, when I grep QtPositioning in
qmldir and plugins.qmltypes, it appears a lot of times. Should I replace all
with APPNAME-QtPositioning ? Then, should the directory be renamed also ?

And finally, when all is shipped in the RPM, and everything has been renamed
properly, how can I expand the QML search dir to include also
/usr/share/$APPNAME/qml ?

Thanks for the help, have a nice day,


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