[SailfishDevel] xdg folder stuff: howto? more info

Wim de Vries wsvries at xs4all.nl
Thu Jan 9 07:45:15 UTC 2014

Thanks for the elaborate answer.
Now that I understand the harbour remarks, I can rephrase my question 
about user/app data files in a new topic: "where to install user 
(controlled) data files for my app".
Thanks again.

On 01/09/2014 12:13 AM, Alejandro Exojo wrote:
> El Wednesday 08 January 2014, wsvries escribió:
>> Thanks Reto, Jonni,
>> I am still puzzled (please see harbour comments below).
>> I assume that the XDG naming is only to be used in the program code
>> itself (not in .pro or .yaml).
>> So, I would need to replace (in .pro)
>> data.files = checklistsdata/*Now things
>> data.path = /home/nemo/Documents/checklistsdata
>> with
>> data.files = checklistsdata/*
>> data.path = /usr/share/$NAME/checklistsdata
> Seems correct. Your app is now where system things are, not where user things
> are (hint: /home is where the "home" of users is, so your application, and no
> application at all, don't belong there).
>> and in first execution copy /usr/share/$NAME/checklistsdata to
>> $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/$NAME/checklistsdata or
>> $HOME/.config/$NAME/checklistsdata
>> (though I would think that $XDG_DATA_HOME would be better)
> That depends. Why your application needs to copy or move files? What's
> "checklistdata"?
> I suggest you give a look at the FHS:
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Filesystem_Hierarchy_Standard
>> The problem is that (certainly in my next app with loads of map data)
>> data files end up in /usr/share/$NAME.
>> There is no way for the app (no root permission) to clean up the
>> /usr/share/$NAME directory.
> Certainly not. Things in /usr mean the system, and the system doesn't change,
> unless is being updated or something new is being installed, but is not the
> normal situation.
> The data that _is_ your application belongs to /usr. That includes graphics,
> or other assets.
> The data that belongs to the user, and is created or modified by the
> application belongs by the path of the user that runs the application, which
> is $HOME (/home/nemo in our case).
> If the data are documents visible to the user (like a music file or a picture
> or a document), belongs in some directory of the ones that are already there
> on the phone (/home/nemo/Videos for example).
> If is data that is internal to the application, like some thumbnails of
> pictures downloaded from the web, and saved only as a cache, belong in some
> hidden directory, like /home/nemo/.local/share/NAME. Although the
> ".local/share" part here is hardcoded, and one user might want to change this
> using the $XDG_* variables.

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