[SailfishDevel] xdg folder stuff: howto? more info

Jonni Rainisto jonni.rainisto at jolla.com
Wed Jan 8 09:22:39 UTC 2014

IMHO applications that use QStandardPaths should be always accepted, there must be something wrong with the process or rules if that is the cause for rejection. If QStandardPaths points to wrong directory then its a bug which should be fixed.

re, Jonni
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I am adding some more info to my question.
I am using QStandardPaths.
Harbour is refusing my app, stating that I should use $XDG_CONFIG_HOME
Still, this var is not set. The only ones are:
"XDG_SESSION_ID" value: "c5"
"XDG_RUNTIME_DIR" value: "/run/user/100000"
I need to add data files during installation, and the user should be able to add/remove data files from his PC via USB.

On 01/07/2014 07:29 PM, Wim de Vries wrote:
Can someone please explain how the XDG folders work.
These env vars seem not be set when I try to read the values with QProcessEnvironment.
So how can I read/write to those folders (C++)?
And how to access them from QML?
The documention/FAQ only gives a very general spec.
I must be missing sth.

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