[SailfishDevel] Cannot access phone book on phone when starting app from QtCreator

Ove Kåven ovek at arcticnet.no
Mon Jan 6 13:14:38 UTC 2014

Den 05. jan. 2014 23:10, skrev Matthias Barmeier:
> Hi,
> I am unable to access the phone book when running my app from QtCreator
> on the phone.
> Is this a security feature ?

I've needed to access PIM data myself, so, as far as I can tell from my 
own investigations, yes, it's Unix security. The directory 
.local/share/system/privileged is only accessible to processes that are 
in the "privileged" group.

The standard boosters (used by mapplauncherd) seem to be sgid 
"privileged", thus automatically giving Qt/QML apps that use them the 
necessary privileges (at least when launched from the phone menu, I 
suppose). But when you just launch something using ssh (not 
mapplauncherd), the apps probably won't belong to that group automatically.

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