[SailfishDevel] SDK / Deploy / Problem with subprojects

AL13N alien at rmail.be
Sun Jan 5 13:57:36 UTC 2014

Op zondag 5 januari 2014 14:10:22 schreef Putze Sven:
> Hi there,
> let's assume I've got an umbrella project file myApp.pro which is in some
> BaseDir:
> TEMPLATE = subdirs
> SUBDIRS = myAppLogic myAppSFOS
> CONFIG += ordered
> myAppSFOS.depends = myAppLogic
> There are 2 subprojects, first there is myAppLogic which builds a library,
> second is myAppSFOS which builds the application for SailfishOS/Jolla
> device. myAppSFOS.pro has all the needed information about the library, so
> it should be put in the right place if one calls 'make install'. So far so
> good. All compiles well and then comes the deploy part.
> Regardless of the deployment method I get the following error message:
>  Fatal: No spec file found in 'BaseDir/rpm/' and couldn't make one from a
> yaml
> Well, yes that's true - no .yaml file there. It should look at
> BaseDir/myAppSFOS/rpm/ Is this a bug in the SDK? (as in we are using a
> hardcoded path here) Am I doing it wrong? Can I somehow tell the deploy
> process where to look?
> BR.
> Sven
> P.S.: it's somehow related to the topics "[SailfishDevel] adding libraries
> to sailfish app." and ''Project tries to use spec file from another
> project" but I decided not to hijack them.

(as a side-question-hijack, does this generate on srpm that makes multiple 

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