[SailfishDevel] Zypper and PackageKit

Mikael Hermansson mike at 7b4.se
Sat Jan 4 22:32:10 UTC 2014

On Saturday 04 January 2014 20.07.52 Martin Grimme wrote:
> Hi,
> 2014/1/4, Andrey Kozhevnikov <coderusinbox at gmail.com>:
> > afaik pakckagekit have easy queue management
> Yes, PackageKit can queue transactions, and it can be operated without
> root privileges (which zypper would require). Sailfish/Nemo uses
> zypper's libzypp as backend for PackageKit, however.
> AFAIK zypper doesn't come preinstalled on Sailfish, but can be installed.

One reason for packagekit is is to make "platform independent" package manager 
pkcon working both for RPM, DEB maybe more....

its a freedesktop project see:


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