[SailfishDevel] Accessing Saifish theme from javascript

Kimmo Lindholm Kimmo.Lindholm at eke.fi
Sat Jan 4 11:47:01 UTC 2014

Gives following from .import line:
[W] unknown:23 - qrc:///js/constants.js:23: SyntaxError: Unexpected token .

If I add 1.0, I get warning
[W] unknown:23 - qrc:///js/constants.js:23:1: Module import requires a qualifier

(Docs say .import TypeNamespace MajorVersion.MinorVersion as Qualifier)

So back where started...

>.import Sailfish.Silica.theme
>var color_info = Theme.primaryColor
On 04.01.2014 17:14, Kimmo Lindholm wrote:
Tested, didn't work - same results

.import Sailfish.Silica.Theme 1.0 as SilicaTheme
var color_info = SilicaTheme.primaryColor;

>import Sailfish.Silica.theme 1.0
On 04.01.2014 16:49, Kimmo Lindholm wrote:
I assume this is clear as daylight but I don't get it...

I need to access Theme colors from javascript -file;

I have successfully imported it

.import Sailfish.Silica 1.0 as Silica

and in QtCreator after typing Silica. I can see dropdown of all sort of stuff, but no 'Theme'.
And tinkering didn't work:

var color_info = Silica.Theme.primaryColor;

It gives runtime warning from QML side where color_info is used:
[W] unknown:104 - qrc:///qml/MainPage.qml:104: Unable to assign [undefined] to QColor

And those which are colored from js side with color_info do appear black...



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