[SailfishDevel] Check for OS in .PRO file

Sven Putze sailfish.os at hardcodes.de
Thu Jan 2 19:25:50 UTC 2014

Hi there,

first of all a happy new year to everyone! I had some time offline this morning, so here comes a bunch of emails...

There are ways to check for the OS in QtCreator .PRO files, e.g. like

unix:symbian{ # do stuff}
unix:maemo5{ # do stuff}
macx{ # do stuff}
win32{ # do stuff}

Is there a way to check (or control to be more precise) that some directives are only used when compiling on the MerSDL VM?
Just checking for the presence of "sailfishapp" does not work, because that is defined for any OS.


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