[SailfishDevel] How to translate (lupdate) ?

Andrey Kozhevnikov coderusinbox at gmail.com
Thu Jan 2 18:11:10 UTC 2014

i'm always using self-created ts.list text file with list of paths to 
files contains strings

and my lupdate syntax:

lupdate -verbose -ts languages/en_US.ts @ts.list

On 02.01.2014 23:44, Franck Routier (perso) wrote:
> Le 02/01/2014 18:37, Andrey Kozhevnikov a écrit :
>> its inside build machine. qmake will run lupdate/lrelease from internal
>> path.
> Ok, I understand. So I have to start the MerSDK virtual machine for
> lupdate to work.
> Then, shouldn't it generate some .ts file in my project ? (its the first
> time I use QT Linguist, still learning, thanks for your patience)
> Regards,
> Franck
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