[SailfishDevel] How to activate GPS on device

Caliste Damien dcaliste at free.fr
Thu Jan 2 15:52:29 UTC 2014

Hello sailors,

Le jeudi 02 janvier 2014, Aaron McCarthy a écrit :
> > Not noise par bleu, far from it!
Well, noise was about how the title of the mail was written. There's no
need to activate the GPS to get it (at least not the latter times).

> The license is presented to the user when they first enable
> positioning and afterwards from the pulley menu. It is not strictly
> required to use GPS, but as there is currently only one positioning
> switch for both GPS and wifi/cell positioning it must be accepted.
I have another question here:
I put no SIM card in the phone and disable the wifi network (simulation
of being abroad or deep in the country side ;) ). Then, I start my GPS
app. The GPS icon of the lock screen (the one beside the battery
status) start blinking waiting for a GPS fix. Then after a while it
disappear without notice and I never get any fix. I was outside for the
test. On my old N900, I can use the GPS without any network (waiting
sometimes 5 or 10 minutes to get a fix, but it doesn't matter). It's
very convenient when being abroad or without any 3G around.

I did the same test with the Jolla map app and get the same result : no
GPS fix.

Is it a bug ? May the GPS give up after a while which is too soon when
not having any network around ?

> There is a separate agreement that you must accept to use Maps. This
> is presented when you first start the Maps application.
I may contradict here but I may be wrong. It seems to me that I did the
following (from a brand new phone setup):
- go to setting app, agree for the GPS license there ;
- start my GPS app, get nothing (no blinking icon or anything) ;
- start Jolla map app, accept the license there, stop it ;
- start my GPS app again, and got a GPS fix after a while.
So it seems to me that the *two* licences must be accepted for the GPS
to be working.

Thanks anyway guys at Jolla, I love the phone (even with a lot of soft
missing from my N900 point of view, but it will come).


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