[SailfishDevel] How to activate GPS on device

Caliste Damien dcaliste at free.fr
Wed Jan 1 00:05:00 UTC 2014


   Now that I received my device, I can test Mæp for real. That's great.

   It's an app that uses the GPS. If Jolla's map app is running the
GPS is activated and my application can use it also (I use
QtPositioning in C++, the QGeoPositioningInfoSource class), it works
well. But if the map app is not runing, my app is not seeing any GPS

   So my question, what is the way on the device to activate the GPS
(and deactivate it when not necessary anymore) ? I thought that it was
possible through the GPS entry of the setting app, but it seems not. Is
there a way to do it through C++ like on Maemo 5 ?

Thanks and happy new year !


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