[SailfishDevel] Thanks for your efforts

Faraaz Ahmed seenetor at ymail.com
Sun Feb 23 09:31:27 UTC 2014


I am an India based graphic designer and I love the concept of custom roms.
Since a very long time I am using them. Recently came across your project
of sailfish os. I think you guys are amazing. Just how you all manage to
keep up the dream despite whatever nokia did to project meego. I really
love the swipe UI of meego.

I am writing this mail to all developers of sailfish to thank all of you
for your approach of a distinct os other then android. I wish you all the
very best and keep up the good work. And the day it is launched on nexus I
will be the one to install it and use it. A big thanks to all of you from
people like me who want to help development but lack the necessary skill of
coding. I cant wait to use it on my nexus 4. Hope its out soon.

And i dont know any coding language but I am good at designing. I also have
designed few miui themes. If there is any way I can help jolla, I will be
more then happy to do it.

Thanks. Best regards.
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