[SailfishDevel] Harbour reject because of too high power consumption

Mikael Hermansson mike at 7b4.se
Tue Feb 18 19:16:12 UTC 2014

when I did upload the tinywebbrowser(before I started on unnoficialtogetherapp) 
it was cause of webkit eating to much CPU when app is minimized.

Wasn't this what they said for u too?

AFAIK there is no soluton for it except pop webkit page when app minimized.

maybe in future  better use Gecko plugin instead of webkit when store allows that 



On Tuesday 18 February 2014 20.54.16 Samuli Silvius wrote:
> Hi,
> I got app rejected with a message:
> "sorry for rejecting your application, but there is too high power
> consumption, if there is some Question/Question list open. If application
> is in main menu, power consumption is ok.
> You can check power consumption by yourself, plase take a look here:
> https://together.jolla.com/question/13243/my-app-got-rejected-to-store-becau
> se-of-high-power-consumption-how-to-debug-problems/ "
> First of all,it would be nice to have possibility to answer/ask in the
> harbour itself, or what is the correct channel? This email list?
> The app (https://github.com/tace/jolla2gether) is pure qml/javascript, so
> what could be power consuming part there, any hints?
> I tried to measure it with powertop tool but did not get any alarming
> results. Or then I don't know how to use the powertop. I used with command:
>   *% powertop --html=powertop_report.html --time=120*
> 3 times. Before app was open and 2 times with app open in different views.
> What values I should follow? At least max "Wakeups/s" I got was 5.0.
> Br
> -Samuli

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