[SailfishDevel] When does Jolla give us an API?

David Greaves david.greaves at jolla.com
Mon Feb 3 15:58:36 UTC 2014

On 03/02/14 15:29, Putze Sven wrote:
> Hi there,
> during Fosdem I spoke to some people about this, even to Carsten Munk from
> Jolla itself (not in the depth and detail of this mail, I must admit) and he
> suggested to write this in the mailing list, so those of Jolla who should be
> concerned have a chance to answer this question and I really would like to
> hear some official statements here.

Did you manage to get to the round-table event? - we spent a fair bit of time
talking about APIs there; we also openly discussed the issues we face.

I know that the community people there wanted to continue the discussion.

> What does a developer need to write quality apps? An API and a documentation
> of such.
> So far there is a quite limited API available and therefore we don't see too
> many apps out there. How will you write a sophisticated app, if the API is
> not available or it is not allowed to use or is only known to those with
> Maemo/Meego history?

A quick response: we support the Qt API and rather than developing our own
proprietary one we're working hard to support the open one as it grows.

The Qt documentation is extensive and superb :)
Using it in Sailfish Silica apps is less well documented but is improving (and
honestly is mainly a tutorial issue for new developers - not an API docs issue).

Yes there are some APIs in the mobile space that are not part of the Qt release
yet - Qt 5.2 will introduce more.


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