[SailfishDevel] improvement suggestions

Randolph rdohm321 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 1 19:08:42 UTC 2014


some ideas for improvement

- when updating the os, please dont show only a progress bar. The system is
open source and hence show as well a window in which users have a command
line view, what is going on and installing

- with android and all the apps, the data stream is done every minute, In
the trousers pocket I realize the hot mobile and as well the waves coming
in. Dont laugh, but it is so, please think about a health modus, in this
would be defined by a timer which is opening a flight modus, so that data
streams are allowed each hour for only 5 minutes, so within the 5 minutes I
receive the stronger waves from the sender. So the device is burning my leg
only for this defined period. all the other 55 minutes of the hour the
flight modus is active, call can come in, but data streams are not allowed.
Users can define this, so not all must be instant.

- the scrolling or resizing the browser often touches the close guesture
from the edge frame to the middle

- one android app misses  com.google.andoid.gsf  - how to install this ?

- when an even occurs and is shown on the event page, a click on the event
notification should open the app or event

- the contact book, here suddenly all the gmail contact are shown in my
private phone list. I know this migth already be disable, but do it now and
dont make it default, better create a virtual contact address book and a
private address book. dont merge any gmail chat friends into my private
address book.

- 1 mobile market offers much more android apps as the yandex market, has
ist economic reasons to only show yandex store?

- please bring out a tablet soon. the same operating system as is, just on
a bigger 7-8 or 10" screen, it could be a phablet - or: tell us, how to
install the OS on any device which could be bought, asus memo pad 7 or so..

- I personally like the updating mechanism. but, here we cannot switch to
the old one back, it is though a question to backup the current, but how to
pick it up then? then the install command in the header needs a second one:
Install from file (zip ) = which opens then a new window tp pic it up from
THIS would be real open source to switch back and install what you want.

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