[SailfishDevel] Using org.nemomobile.dbus with MPRIS2

Andrey Kozhevnikov coderusinbox at gmail.com
Sat Dec 20 20:26:46 UTC 2014

C++ working well of course, i'm asking about org.nemomobile.dbus qml 
extension :)

21.12.2014 01:18, Tomasz Sterna пишет:
> Dnia 2014-12-20, sob o godzinie 21:11 +0500, Andrey Kozhevnikov pisze:
>> I just tried to make MPRIS2 controls for MediaPlayer and QuasarMX with
>> QML only, but failed. Both players have no PropertiesChanged in
>> introspection of /org/mpris/MediaPlayer2, and it seems to be a reason
>> of my fail.
> Works for me just fine.
> https://github.com/smokku/pebble/blob/master/daemon/manager.cpp#L51
> The only difference is that I left the service empty, cause I am
> interested in signals from all MPRIS2 players, not just a specific one.
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