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Martin Kolman martin.kolman at gmail.com
Fri Dec 19 01:18:52 UTC 2014

Thu, 18 Dec 2014 18:07:18 +0100 David van rijn <davidvanrijn at gmail.com>:
> Thanks for the feedback :)
> I had already looked a bit at the monav stuff because i had it on my 
> N900, but like you said, it seems abandoned, so i didn't feel like 
> using it.
> But the Mapbox GL definitely looks primising, i will have a look at it 
> later.
> I did not know about the qml pinchmap.  I have tried out modrana 
> though, and it seems a bit crude, because it's written in python, and 
> i can imagine (correct me if i'm wrong) that implementing the whole 
> element in qml is a bit recource-unfriendly if you compare it to the 
> low-level c++ /updatePaintNode()/ method.
Well, I'm actually to this day kinda surprised how well it works, 
considering how it is implemented. Most probably thanks to the original 
clever idea the AGTL developer had of using a fixed tile grid and just 
shifting the coordinates of the tiles in the grid when panning the map. 
The QtQuick image cache then takes care of all the tile caching for you 
and it works surprisingly well. On the other hand the hack[0][1] I had 
to implement to enable really asynchronous tile download with caching is 
just plain crazy, but works. :)

The QML-only nature of the widget also helps to avoid more C/C++ 
dependencies that unlike the pure-Python/QML based modRana would need to 
be compiled for the various platforms where modRana is running and it 
also makes it easier to adapt it to the various specific modRanas needs. :)

Still I would not mind adding support for an alternative map widget, 
integrating it with the current one or maybe even using it by default if 
fits to modRanas requirements better than the current solution. :)
> I think it would be really cool if it is possible to have all apps use 
> the same maps, and have those be configurable somewhere central (like 
> in the settings app).
Actually I've tried to propose a common map data storage location for 
the Jollas micro SD card a while ago on this list[3] in a thread called 
"[SailfishDevel] [RFC] Well known map data path" but it unfortunately 
did not get any traction back then. So maybe the proposal can be 
salvaged or even extended to cover map data sharing in internal storage ?

BTW, shared map data storage worked/works quite nicely on the N900 - 
there is /home/user/MyDocs/.maps folder that various third part mapping 
and navigation apps (modRana, Mappero, Maep, Cloud GPS, etc.) use for 
storing & sharing map tiles. So it would be nice to have the same thing 
also on the Jolla/Sailfish OS. :)

Actually, there already seem to be some early positive results from 
users enabling tile sharing between modRana and Poor Maps[3]. :)

> cheers,
> David


[2] https://lists.sailfishos.org/pipermail/devel/2014-March/003731.html
[3] http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?p=1451148#post1451148

> 2014-12-18 0:16 GMT+01:00 Martin Kolman <martin.kolman at gmail.com 
> <mailto:martin.kolman at gmail.com>>:
>     Wed, 17 Dec 2014 16:04:31 +0100 David van rijn
>     <davidvanrijn at gmail.com> <mailto:davidvanrijn at gmail.com>:
>>     Hello,
>     Hi!
>>     I am writing a qml component to display a slippy map (eg. google
>>     maps).
>>     (You can look at the code at
>>     https://github.com/unsanded/harbour-mapp.)
>>     The idea is to be able to add maps in qml by just typing
>>     something like:
>>     SlippyMap{
>>       GoogleMapsProvider{
>>         apiKey: "blabla"
>>       }
>>     }
>>     I have a few questions about this:
>>        - Can it, at some point, become a library for others to use?
>     Could be certainly interesting and useful! :)
>>        - What is the best way to implement offline maps/routing?
>     For offline routing the routino routing utility[0] currently looks
>     like the best bet for Sailfish.
>     I have already managed to build it's package for Sailfish[1] and
>     it appears to be working fine. :)
>     Another candidate could be the Monav[2] routing daemon, but it's
>     upstream is dead, it depends on Qt 4 and its source
>     code has been bit-rotting rather badly.
>     As for offline map rendering, the Mapbox GL native widget[3] looks
>     like the best bet, if it could be wrapped in a QML element! :)
>     I even suggested the QML integration to the Mapbox people, but
>     they unfortunately replied that they are not interested in doing
>     that themselves (most probably not to canobalize their iOS &
>     Android SDKs with a superio solution ;-) ).
>>        - Is anyone eager to join the project?
>>        - any other feedback?
>     Many current Sailfish OS applications are using the QML-only
>     PinchMap QML element, originally from AGTL, for example:
>     * modRana[4]
>     * FourSail[5]
>     On the other hand the Poor Maps application has a custom solution
>     based on enhanced QtLocation Map element.
>     So maybe have a look how these work and what features these
>     applications expect as inspiration work on your project. :)
>>     Cheers,
>>     David
>     Best Wishes
>     Martin Kolman
>     (main modRana developer)
>     [0] http://www.routino.org/
>     [1]
>     https://build.merproject.org/package/show/home:MartinK:sailfish/routino
>     [2] https://code.google.com/p/monav/
>     [3] https://github.com/mapbox/mapbox-gl-native/
>     [4]
>     https://github.com/M4rtinK/modrana/blob/master/modules/gui_modules/gui_qt5/qml/PinchMap.qml
>     [5]
>     https://gitorious.org/foursail/foursail/source/31644f69c670f5f012f98bee641e1b7e50ba4e1f:qml/PinchMap.qml
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