[SailfishDevel] Changes in Harbour Web UI

Reto Zingg reto.zingg at jolla.com
Fri Dec 12 15:59:48 UTC 2014


On 12.12.2014 17:56, Andrey Kozhevnikov wrote:
> 12.12.2014 20:41, Developer Care пишет:
>>     - Does Harbour QA test the application on all OS versions?
>>         No. Normally QA tests the application only with the latest
>> released OS version.
> I hope you will test at least with u8 and u9?

current praxis is that we test on Update 8, if it does not work there or 
the developer stressed out it just works on Update 9, then we test it on 
Update 9.

Once Update 10 is public available (not during Opt-In period), we will 
start testing just on Update 10.


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