[SailfishDevel] Next meeting on SailfishOS, open source, collaboration: 26-August @ 10:00 UTC

Carol Chen carol.chen at jolla.com
Tue Aug 26 05:46:42 UTC 2014


Thanks to all who've responded on 

Here's the invitation/agenda for today's meeting:

Date: 26 August 2014
Time: 10:00 UTC, for your local time: http://bit.ly/1m4dbXS
Duration 90 minutes
Chair: Carol Chen (cybette)
Location: #mer-meeting on Freenode IRC

Those without an IRC client can access it here:

Current proposed topics:
* Intro (5 min)
* Efforts made to generate interest in Mer/Nemo/Sailfish in Asia & 
elsewhere - jalyst (25 min)
* Strong partner in desktop Linux for Jolla - jalyst (25 min)
* Feasable way to distribute a fastboot flashable base image - nieldk 
(25 min)
* Wrap up and next meeting (10 min)

Please familiarize yourself with the topics before the meeting, as well 
as the common Meetbot commands https://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot (it's 
used for meeting management and logging)

Thanks and see you soon!


Carol "cybette" Chen
Community Chief @ Jolla http://jolla.com
  +358403502527  @ SMS,PSTN,WeChat
     cybette     @ FreenodeIRC,Twitter,Weibo,LinkedIn,Skype

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