[SailfishDevel] Announcing "Mono for Sailfish"

Ville M. Vainio vivainio at gmail.com
Fri Aug 22 09:12:27 UTC 2014


We discussed this on twitter already, but here we go in >140 characters as
well ;-).

Making it possible to create QML applications with Mono would be
interesting on every platform, not merely Sailfish. Think Android, iOS,
desktop. Xamarin costs nontrivial amount of money, so QML + Mono would be a
free alternative to that (with somewhat limited capabilities of course).,

Better path than QtSharp would be just creating a QML bridge to Mono, i.e.
instantiate a QML runtime and make Mono talk with it. Example for this
architecture is PyOtherside (http://thp.io/2011/pyotherside/)

Sufficient api would be:

- register Mono functions to be callable from QML javascript

Analogue: http://pyotherside.readthedocs.org/en/latest/#call

- receive "signals" (free form objects) from Mono side

Analogue:  http://pyotherside.readthedocs.org/en/latest/#received

Another example (though a lot larger) is golang-qml binding:

Mechanically exposing large parts of Qt's C++ api (including QML engine)
like sip, pyside et al are doing is probably going to yield lots of
unuseful code, where developers only need 2% subset, but you will pay the
price of the bloat and complexity anyway (troubles with PySide are a good
example of this). Therefore I think QtSharp is suboptimal approach.

Obviously I don't want to act as stop energy, but "look before you leap" so
to say.

On Fri, Aug 22, 2014 at 12:13 AM, Bob Summerwill <bob at summerwill.net> wrote:

> See
> http://www.mobilelinuxnews.com/2014/08/introduction-mono-sailfish-os-jolla/
> .
> I'm happy to announce that development on Mono for Sailfish is underway (
> http://monoforsailfish.com).    This is a continuation of MonoTizen (
> http://monotizen.com), on which development has been suspended because
> the Tizen project is broken (see
> http://kitsilanosoftware.wordpress.com/2014/08/13/the-tizen-project-is-broken-we-will-be-spending-some-time-apart-3/
> ).
> Dimitar Dobrev, the author of https://github.com/ddobrev/QtSharp has been
> upstreaming bug-fixes (and addressing newly discovered issues in) to
> http://github.com/mono/CppSharp.    He'll be building the bindings, and
> will probably end up doing the Mono Runtime port as well, based on the
> fantastic job which Damien Diederen did for the Tizen Mono Runtime.
> Cheers,
> Bob Summerwill, Kitsilano Software
> http://twitter.com/bobsummerwill
> http://bobsummerwill.com | http://kitsilanosoftware.com |
> http://monoforsailfish.com
> --
> bob at summerwill.net
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