[SailfishDevel] Qt Multimedia, Audio, HLS and RTSP stream problem

Kaj-Michael Lang milang at tal.org
Fri Aug 22 00:04:23 UTC 2014


I'm trying to get my app (Y-Radio) fixed. The original icecast streams
that YLE provided got shutdown a while back, instead they now provide
HLS and RTSP streams, but none of these work properly on the device. 

At first gstreamer hlsdemux was missing, but seems to have been added in
the latest update, but that does not help me as it is buggy and plays
only the initial playlist contents and won't fetch more segments (same
happens on desktop gstreamer 0.10 hlsdemux, 1.x is ok)

gst-launch-0.10 -t -v -m playbin2

plays a couple segments the EOS. Same when played using Audio.

So that leaves me with the rtsp streams, that work with gst-launch &
playbin2 from the CLI just fine, but the issues is that the QML Audio
element does not play the stream. And afaik, that uses Qt Multimedia and
that again uses playbin2 to play, but for some odd reason it won't play.

This works fine:
gst-launch-0.10 playbin2

but using that same uri with Audio does not work at all.

If I could use gstreamer directly this wouldn't be an issues but as
gstreamer is a nono in harbour...

Right know I have no idea how to fix this, any help is very much

Kaj-Michael Lang <milang at tal.org>

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