[SailfishDevel] Import paths

Martin Kolman martin.kolman at gmail.com
Wed Aug 20 00:26:31 UTC 2014

19.8.2014 19:35, Chris Walker:
> In this document -
> https://github.com/sailfish-sdk/libsailfishapp/blob/master/docs/documentation.mdown
> it says 'ToDo: Describe where to install private QML imports, how to
> import them in QML code, how libsailfishapp sets the import path and
> the naming requirements for Harbour QA.'
> Is there any such documentation or can anybody here point me to some
> docs describing the import? I'm struggling to make an import path work.
I would would also really like to know how to properly do this. It can 
easily be done
with qmlscene - you just use -I and point to the folder where your QML 
plugin resides.
But with qmlscene I need to resort to hideous packaging hacks (basically 
butchering the
QML-only plugin folder to be in the same folder as the main.qml file and 
then replacing
"Import foo 1.0" by "Import ../foo") that are both very very ugly and 

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