[SailfishDevel] Create something to use GPG

Franz Kuntke franz at znarfsoft.de
Sat Aug 16 19:52:22 UTC 2014

Hi everybody,

I want to get a nice solution for everyday GPG-usage onto my jolla.
What I need is to send and receive encrypted (and/or signed) emails.

Actually I see 3 possible ways for that:

* plugin/patch for the standard e-mail-app
  -> therefore needed: some headers (or a framework or complete mail-app-code) 
to write the plugin/patch against
     -> unlikely to get something to alter the mail-app?

* a "half-solution" - collecting data from current e-mail app
  -> you can only read and verify received gpg-mails - no "active" gpg-
crypted-messaging on SailfishOS
    -> bad way ?

* writing/porting a separate (open-source) e-mail-app with builtin gpg support 
(or a plugin system)
  -> most pain
    -> technically best way? (also portable to Meego, Tizen, ...)

Any opinions?
Maybe you have already a good solution for using gpg?

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