[SailfishDevel] Is support for commercial apps a TABOO subject?

Karl Granström karl.granstrom at jolla.com
Fri Apr 25 12:42:08 UTC 2014


We see the payment support in store as a really important part of our developer offering. We are currently working to support payments in our Jolla Store and Harbour but there are a lot of things for us to do. Our current target is to provide you the monetizing possibility durign the 2nd half of  2014.

In the mean time, you have time to get your apps ready, tested and polished. Also, let us know what additional APIs you need for your Harbour app so that by the time payments are available, your app is ready to sail.

Jolla Store team

On 24 Apr 2014, at 14:34, Mohammed Hassan <mohammed.hassan at jollamobile.com> wrote:

> On Thu, Apr 24, 2014 at 09:33:22AM +0200, tw_bolek wrote:
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>> So my question is: is this some kind of taboo subject, or something of as little importance that for over 4 months now no Jollan has said A WORD about it despite numerous requests?
>> A couple of my friends already gave up after waiting so long for even just any information, and I must say that I'm slowly losing hope, too.  We all understand and are aware of the enormous job Jolla has been doing, so we're asking for just INFORMATION about the progress, even just if AT ALL there are any plans to do it in a foreseeable future, and if so then knowing even just as little as if it will take a month or half a year would be all we need...
> There will be support for commercial apps and those will have copy protection. This was
> mentioned bt Rainisto long ago already.
> I cannot give more info nor can I give an ETA for that though :/
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