[SailfishDevel] A kickoff meeting about SailfishOS, open source, collaboration, way forward @ 15 April, 15:00 UTC

Lucien XU sfietkonstantin at free.fr
Sun Apr 6 17:13:38 UTC 2014

Le samedi 5 avril 2014 20:33:58 Filip Kłębczyk a écrit :
> I also hope that those decisive people/managers will stay this 1.5 hour 
> at least and listen carefully.


> I'm also thinking about organizational side of the meeting. We need to 
> prepare how it should look like as it cannot be a typical IRC 
> conversation. I believe that we should split the whole topic to well 
> defined, small issues/problems and focus on each of them (one problem at 
> a time approach) and don't allow drifting away into other areas. Of 
> course at the end, we need a complete picture of those issues and 
> actions to be taken/solutions,

IRC meeting format should work well here if it's used well:
- You get a log
- You have to address different topics one by one
- At the end you can have a list of actions to be done

You "just" need to come with a list of precise topics to be discussed during the meeting 
(see below)

> I think it's also important to give opportunity for balanced discussion 
> that would involve both Sailors and Islanders (that's my loose proposal 
> of community side name). The thing I would want to avoid is a situation 
> where 90 Sailors will completely dominate discussion or some Islanders 
> turn it into a trollfest of whining and pointless complains. Therefore 
> we need a really good chair/discussion moderator. Personally, I would 
> vote for Thomas Ruecker (if he wants and agrees to that) as he has 
> already proved he can handle such things quite well, for example on last 
> I think we need to make a combined list of topics/issues and people who 
> want to talk on each of those topics/issues. At the end we could switch 
> to some free discussion or new topics that will pop up during the 
> discussion.

I think that this is the major issue here. Carsten posted an Etherpad, but the number 
of topics to be addressed is really small. For everybody who want to participate to the 
meeting, please write the topic you want to be addressed here:


> Regards,
> Filip
> PS. Andrea deserves a big beer for what he has written in his mail - I 
> agree with every single word that came from his keyboard.

+1 Thanks Andrea for summaring this and refocus on topic. 

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