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Joona Petrell joona.petrell at jollamobile.com
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Hi Олег,

Pulley menus are good for global actions relevant for the page ("New message", "Search", "Sync", "Update"), context menus and icon buttons are more appropriate for actions related to a specific content item (photo, person, location, song, etc.) displayed inside the page.

As a rule of thumb primary action (open item in full-screen, call in phone, play in video player, etc.) is activated by tapping the content item, and most secondary actions (delete, edit, favorite, add to playlist, etc.) are accessed by long-pressing the item and selecting appropriate action from the context menu that opens.

In general most actions which you would traditionally show in a toolbar in Sailfish you instead expose from a pull-down menu for quicker access and better one-handed use. But there are still use cases for toolbars, for example when the pulley menu is already reserved for something else or when the user is expected to scroll a long list of content (as the pulley menu is only accessible on the top of the list).

Some examples of icon button usage:

1.) clearing text field contents, cross icon "image://theme/icon-m-clear"
2.) favoriting item, star icon (favorite ? "image://theme/icon-m-favorite-selected" : "image://theme/icon-m-favorite")
3.) appending new content item, e.g. new person in recipient field, plus icon (image://theme/icon-m-add").



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What is more matches for SailfshOS style: IconButtons with actions or actions in pulldown menu?
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