[SailfishDevel] Python & Qt5 (PyOtherSide / PyQt)

Matt Austin mail at mattaustin.me.uk
Mon Sep 30 11:08:20 UTC 2013


It looks like we might now have a couple of possible options with Python
apps on Sailfish with Qt5:

1) PyOtherSide: http://thp.io/2011/pyotherside/

2) PyQt 5.0.1: http://www.riverbankcomputing.com/news/pyqt-501

I've been playing around today, and unfortunately was unable to get either
installed nicely on the Sailfish VM. PyOtherSide requires Python 3 (which
as far as I can tell is not available in the Sailfish VM), and I thought I
managed to get PyQt to make/install, but then I just got symbol errors when
I tried to import the modules.

Obviously I'm not very good at
compilation/linking/dependencies/flags/headers etc. (I am a python user
after all :P ). So I was wondering if there are any plans to add either
PyOtherSide or PyQt5 to the sailfish repos?

Failing that, some instructions for a dummy like me would be very welcome :)


mail at mattaustin.me.uk
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