[SailfishDevel] UI Guidelines (sort of). Where do you put tab-like buttons and settings?

Artem Marchenko artem.marchenko at gmail.com
Sat Sep 28 10:13:54 UTC 2013

Hi All

**UI guidelines for a bit more than a basic app**
Current Sailfish UI guidelines cover the minimal app use, but leave me
puzzled about the more complex cases. Sure everybody is free to invent
their own UI, but it would be great to be consistent with the built-in apps
and base on the experience of those who worked with Sailfish UI already.

**Gaming wiki**
So assume you are doing a standard content browsing/editing app. Say a task
list or an offline-online browser for a large community gaming wiki. There
is a number of things you'd like to do:
1. Actions related to already open article
- Look at one particular article in a different language
- Reload
- Edit
- Share to Twitter or Facebook
- Comment/vote

2. General actions/settings you'd like to access always/often
- Search of course
- Random article

3. Settings you need to do rarely
- Set which language wiki you want to search in general
- Store some settings such as username, avatar, email address
- Connect online-offline

**Traditional solution**
Traditionally (say in iOS or Android or even MeeGo) even if you are into
iOS7-like flat design, you are likely to go for some sort of toolbar bases
approach: e.g. Search on top, main content in the middle, buttons for
sharing, settings, editing, maybe for random stuff in the bottom. Something
like this:

| Search..........                                      |
| XCom is a cool game...                      |
| Settings | Edit | Share|Vote| Random|

Certainly I am oversimplifying, but anyway the traditional way of managing
many actions/options is either via toolbar buttons or via tabs (when tab
views are rather independent)

**How would you do the same thing in Jolla**
To my understanding of the current UI guidelines for organizing content and
actions they pretty much tell to put all the actions to the pulley menu,
forget about the tabs and the only navigation hierarchy used in subviews
launched via the pulley menu.

Is that correct?
How would you then organize UI when there are too many actions for the
pulley menu (I guess it's good for 3- actions, but probably bad for 5+)?

Say, how would you organize that gaming wiki Sailfish-wise?


Exactly the gaming wiki example is imaginary, but I am thinking of
something similar, so your advice is really welcome by me :)

Artem Marchenko
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