[SailfishDevel] SailfishOS code pages not completed yet?

Roberto Colistete Jr. roberto.colistete at gmail.com
Sat Sep 28 00:04:13 UTC 2013


Another suggestion : add "DejaVu Sans Mono" font so we can better show 
mathematical symbols in Sailfish OS.

Regards, Roberto

Em 06-09-2013 02:34, Seppo Tiainen escreveu:
> Hi,
> Still hoping to have a more complete implementation of the character 
> sets on SailfishOS:
> 1) It seems that unicodes u2190... u2193 (arrow key arrow signs) have 
> been implemented in SailfishOS but the codes for arrow symbols do not 
> extend as far as in Harmattan because some important signs are still 
> missing like the Shift sign (broad arrow up, u21e7) and Caps lock sign 
> (cut broad arrow up).
> 2) Devanagari symbols (essential in India) are missing completely even 
> if they were there on Harmattan.
> 3) In addition, it would be nice to be able to output technical 
> symbols like upsilon (ϒ, u03d2), theta (ϑ) and phi (ϕ, u03d5) even if 
> these do not work on Harmattan.
> Cheers,
> Seppo

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