[SailfishDevel] INSTALLS variable at pro file - installs at wrong location/is ignored

Vesa-Matti Hartikainen vesa-matti.hartikainen at jollamobile.com
Tue Sep 17 09:44:30 UTC 2013

On 09/17/2013 02:15 AM, Gabriel Boehme wrote:
> Hi sailors,
> I'm playing around with Alpha 2 version of the SDK, my app is nothing
> special - it just parses some iCal files. In the first version of the
> SDK I deployed them with INSTALLS variable in pro-file to the device.
> I've put them in a folder next to the qml files called "data", so they
> are at /usr/share/<my_app>/data/.... From the C++ backend I parsed them
> with DEPLOYMENT_PATH/data/... That worked pretty nice. But with the
> switch to Alpha 2 SDK it don't work anymore and the files are not
> deployed at /usr/share/<my_app>/data/... anymore. After some
> investigation it seems they are landing in /opt/sdk/share/Test/data/...
> Why is it acting like this? And why is my path in the pro-file ignored?
> Can someone bring some light in it?
  Yes, there are two deployment modes in SDK now: rpm-deployment and
copy deployment (swithc from sailfish logo on the sidebar). You would
use copy deployment during development keeping your device/emu clean
by instaling under /opt/sdk/<my_app> tree.In the end you would use
rpm-deploy and then stuff will go to final destination /usr/share/<my_app>.
Copy deploy should also be faster thannfull rpm deploy.

You can see from function createView in sailfishapplication.cpp how the 
is determined. The idea was to have helper function for getting root of the
apps data available for developers, but we were in a bit of rush and had
some miscommunications so that did not end up in released version of 
Sorry, about that.


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