[SailfishDevel] XmlListModel, SilicaListView and SearchField

Heikki Kullas kullas.heikki at gmail.com
Thu Oct 31 11:26:21 UTC 2013


I'm having this little issue when returning only those items which 
matches to data in SilicaListView taken from XmlListModel.

At the moment I do not have my complete source code because I'm working 
but here's an example:

     id: xml_Database

     source: "http://www.database.com/xml"
     query: "/main"

     XmlRole { name: "title"; query: "title/string()" }
     XmlRole { name: "subtitle"; query: "description/string()" }

     id: list_Database

     width: parent.width
     height: parent.height

             id: search_Database

             width: parent.width

             font.pixelSize: Theme.fontSizeTiny
             font.bold: false
             color: Theme.highlightColor
             placeHolderText: "Search"
             placeHolderColor: Theme.secondaryHighlightColor

     header: PageHeader
         title: "Results"

     model: xml_Database

     delegate: Item
         width: ( parent.width - ( 2.0 * Theme.paddingLarge ))
         height: column_Database

             id: column_Database

             spacing: Theme.paddingSmall

                 text: Theme.highlightText ( model.title, 
search_Database.text, Theme.highlightColor )
                 font.pixelSize: Theme.fontSizeSmall
                 font.bold: false
                 color: Theme.primaryColor

                 text: model.subtitle
                 font.pixelSize: Theme.fontSizeExtraSmall
                 font.bold: false
                 color: Theme.secondaryColor

         text: "No results"

         enabled: (( list_Database.count === 0.0 ) ? true : false )
         visible: (( list_Database.count === 0.0 ) ? true : false )

         flickable: list_Database

So this is just a small part of my code but basically this should hold 
the problem.

When I pull down the pulley menu I can access the SearchField component. 
After that I write something in it and if it can find exactly the same 
string from the results (and to be precise, from 'model.title') it 
returns that part in a 'Theme.highlightColor' instead of 

Okay, brilliant. But what if I want to only return those items that 
actually match the entered search string? Let's say I get 50+ results in 
a SilicaListView element and I want that user is able to filter the 
results with the SearchField component.

How am I able to achieve this?

Oh, and I don't know anything about C++ so I hope this can be done 
either with QML or JavaScript - or both of them.

Heikki Kullas

P.S. The code might give some errors because I'm at work and I just 
wrote it but it should demonstrate the idea and the issue I can not 
solve by myself.
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