[SailfishDevel] How to get GPS Location in QML

Caliste Damien dcaliste at free.fr
Wed Oct 30 07:51:55 UTC 2013


Le mardi 29 octobre 2013, tw_bolek a écrit :
> the .pro file does not change anything.    There is no trace of
> "QtPositioning" in sailfishos/mersdk/targets/.../usr/lib/qt5,
> neither for arm nor for x86 (emulator).
I think that Christopher Lamb answered this.

I'm using Qt Positioning in Sailfish from C++ myself and it's working.
Except that there is no GPS in the emulator, so there is no source for
QGeoPositionInfo data. To test, I'm creating data by hand and see if my
application reacts correctly. Is it the right way to do ?

Otherwise, there are nice explanations at :



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