[SailfishDevel] How to get GPS Location in QML

tw_bolek tw_bolek at op.pl
Wed Oct 30 01:17:45 UTC 2013


First of all, thank you very much for your help.

However.... is there any valid reason why it is so complicated? Positioning is probably one of the most frequently used functions in smartphone applications. I'd understand that some 3rd party or less important modules are not included by default but Positioning...? It should be included by default....

Not every developer is familiar with all these complicated procedures of installing additional packages. And on Windows it probably isn't as easy as on Linux.   I want to focus on developing apps and not on configuring the SDK to be able to use the most basic functions...  If I want to use something extra then I'm ready for it requiring additional steps, but as basic thing as positioning should have been included by default...

If it's due to Qt5.x not yet being complete, maybe Jolla should have sticked to Qt4.8 (or at least used both) until Qt5.2 comes out and matures?

Many thanks for your time and support, anyway!

Best regards,

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