[SailfishDevel] Installing packages to the SDK and Emulator via the rpm/yaml file

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> Hi all
> Until recently when I needed extra packages on the SDK and Emulator
> installed using the SDK Control Center (for the SDK) and zypper (for the
> Emulator).
> However from previous posts in this forum I gathered that it was also
> possible to do the same using an app's yaml and spec files, both of which
> are in the rpm directory.
> I have had some success at getting this to work by trial and error, but
> don't yet fully understand it.  The process is quite possibly well
> documented somewhere, but if so, I have not yet succeeded in finding the
> docus!
> it is also possible that the whole thing is blinding obviously, and it
> will suddenly go click ?.
> So far I have established that:
> 1) The yaml / spec install process only works with "Deploy as RPM"
> 2) The spec file is auto-generated based on the yaml file, so it is the
> yaml file that we should be configuring. (the yaml file refers to the
> format rather than what it does).
> 3) Within the yaml file there are 3 sections to which packages may be
> added: PkgConfigBR:,  PkgBR:, and Requires:
> 4) Requires: installs "stuff" to the Emulator.
> 5) I think that PkgConfigBR: and PkBR: install things to the SDK, but I
> have not worked out the difference. However the format of the package names
> these two sections accept is different.
> Then there is the question of exactly which package belongs where. There
> are xxx-devel packages which I guess belong on the SDK, but not on the
> Emulator; and qt5-declarative--xxx packages for QML which I think are
> required on both. Not to mention the debug packages ?.
> It would be fantastic if someone who understands this well could explain,
> perhaps with an example. Let's say we want to use the QtPositioning 5.x
> functionality and will be using the QML elements. What should be where in
> the app.yaml file?
> thanks in advance
> Chris
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