[SailfishDevel] connect gridview on delegates click signal

Matt Austin mail at mattaustin.me.uk
Fri Oct 18 10:52:31 UTC 2013

On 18 October 2013 16:43, Franck Routier (perso) <alci at mecadu.org> wrote:
> 2) create a function in the gridview, and call it in the delegate onClicked
> handler. But then, I could find a way the pass a reference to the delegate
> (using this keyword resulted in an undefined variable).

Hi Franck,

I think you should be able to get what you're after with the following
- assuming you have a reference to your 'detail page' (lets call it

On your detail page, define a (variant) property:

Page {
    id: detailPage
    property variant myModel

    PageHeader {
        title: detailPage.myModel ? detailPage.myModel.title : 'Detail Page'

On your grid page, for the grid delegate onclicked event:

        onClicked: {
            detailPage.myModel = modelData;

Hope that helps!

mail at mattaustin.me.uk

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