[SailfishDevel] Sailfish User Interface: Tabs

Mikael Hermansson mike at 7b4.se
Sat Oct 12 15:51:17 UTC 2013


* Opera on N9 does not use tabs
* N9 own browser does not use tabs.

I do not see any problem with that.  I definitivly prefer PulleyMenus or 
gridview/swipe instead of I "to many buttons or tabs"

Think  different. Think new...

And trying to make good UI that "works on all platforms" is just wrong way of 
thinking IMHO. Its better split UI part from the logic and share as much as 
possible between the platforms but still use "native ui" for the platform 

Different screen sizes, different core UI make it many time look really 
ugly/horrible if not using the functionality of platform UI. It also makes 
endusers confused if the app behaves different from the core. 



On Saturday 12 October 2013 16.16.14 Kondou wrote:
> > It is a design decision not to have tabs in Sailfish. Depending on the
> > role of your tabs, you can use a pulley or attached page.
> I'm wondering a bit, how a browser should work without tabs (except for
> only having one page open at a time).
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