[SailfishDevel] Managing screen resolution

Jarko Vihriala jarko.vihriala at jolla.com
Fri Oct 11 07:35:04 UTC 2013

This resolution is updated to match real device and this change is delivered in next SDK update. This SDK update is already undergoing tests so we should be able to release it soon. 

In general apps should not use fixed values of device screen but use relative bindings.

thanks, Jarko
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The SailfishOS SDK (Qt5 Alpha) assumes a screen resolution of 854 × 480 which is the same as on N9. It seems, however, the first Jolla device will have a 960 × 540 pixel display. How should one prepare for that? I have understood that the current advice is to use 16:9 aspect ratio and no hard-coding in number of pixels.

But if you are porting an app that has been hard-coded for N9 screen size, what is the best approach?

1) Will there be a global parameter to fix the 'magnification'? (would be great!)
2) Is there any other way to fix the resolution easily?
3) Should the whole app UI be redesigned? (would be a lot of work...)


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