[SailfishDevel] How do I include ressources (.png) in my project ?

Franck Routier (perso) alci at mecadu.org
Fri Oct 4 08:27:19 UTC 2013


I am trying to create a simple application that displays a png file 
using QtQuick / Silica.
I am using IconButton, but I can't get the png file to be deployed on 
the Sailfish virtual machine.
I have added the file in the "other files" directory of the project, but 
I must be missing a step...
I guess I should play with the sailfishapplication.pri file, or not :-), 
but I'm quite clueless on that (I'm a java kind of guy), and I expect a 
"standard way" of including such ressource...

Thanks for any tip or pointer,


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