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Jonni Rainisto jonni.rainisto at jolla.com
Thu Nov 7 09:42:37 UTC 2013


Thanks for all the questions and suggestions. We are quire aware of the problems that for example Harmattan application store had, and hopefully in time we can give better solution for all of you.

Currently Jolla Harbour only supports free applications. We are working hard on adding copy protection and application payment support in the future. More details will be published when functionality is ready... :)

Your guess about phrase based activation keys that use devices unique identifier part of the key is pretty accurate (at least current copy protection library implementation is quite near of that, but I cannot promise if final implementation will be).

re, Jonni
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Andrey Kozhevnikov wrote:

> And please tell about possible ways for paying for application
> and developer ways to receive funds

Right. Will the store support in-app purchase? Will it support
subscriptions? Will there be any in-app advertising system/network offered
by Jolla, so that in-app ads can be used in free/Lite applications?

And also, equally important...

what kind of software protection/activation/registration will be supported
(or at least ALLOWED) by the store. For example, will the store (if chosen
so by the publisher) automatically generate registration/activation keys
based on a phrase provided for an application by the publisher; or will the
store support pre-generated list of registration keys uploaded by the
developer? Or something else.

Or if no registration/activation will be supported by the store itself, will
Jolla be providing publishers with customer phone's IMEI number so that IMEI
based activation/registration can be included in the application and handled
by the developer himself?

The Nokia store hasn't been supporting ANY kind of software protection, and
actually (by not providing publishers with ANY customer data) it's been
*preventing* it...   Without knowing customer's IMEI number, or even just
email address, it is impossible to have any sort of activation/registration.
 Anyone can contact the publisher and say that he purchased his application
from the Nokia store, and it is not possible to verify it in any way.  And
without any sort of software protection, an application purchased from the
store can be then instantly uploaded to a warez or file sharing site and
distributed without any limits.

Apologies for so many questions and suggestions right at start, but as the
Nokia store example shows us, things that were omitted at the beginning
never came...  And as Sailfish OS (at least initially) will be a small
'ecosystem', the more important it is to provide (or at least ALLOW) any
sort of software protection. If on Android or iOS 80% of copies of an
application are pirate copies, the remaining 20% still account for thousands
of copies sold. Whereas on a small platform like Sailfish same percentage
(80%) of pirate copies will result in the remaining 20% accounting for... A
HANDFUL of sales, rendering development of commercial applications
completely unprofitable. That's why offering/allowing any kind of protection
is very important, not only for developers but also for the platform's

Implementing activation or other things mentioned above takes some time, so
it would be great if we could know these things as soon as possible.

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