[SailfishDevel] Can't start VMs (Connection refused)

Superpelican superpelican at zoho.com
Sat Jul 27 16:44:41 UTC 2013


I'm also having this problem very often.
You can fix it by regenerate the ssh rsa keys, that the SDK uses to 
authenticate with the Mer VM ssh connection and replacing the old public 
key in the authorized_keys file with the new public rsa key in 
$HOME/Sailfish_SDK_install_dir/emulator/ssh/nemo/ and 
$HOME/Sailfish_SDK_install_dir/emulator/ssh/root. You can do this by 
opening a shell/terminal and running the "ssh-keygen -t rsa" command and 
then when it asks where to save the key pair enter 
"$HOME/.ssh/mer-qt-creator-rsa" and when it asks you whether or not to 
overwrite the existing key pair with the same name enter "y" (yes). Now 
you have to navigate to the (hidden) $HOME/.ssh directory (you can 
toggle "show hidden files" with ctrl+h in "Files/Nautilus"(GNOME), alt+. 
in "Dolphin"(KDE) and ctrl+. in "Thunar"(XFCE) or by checking the "show 
hidden ..." option in the view menu in all file managers if I recall 
correctly). Now open the mer-qt-creator-rsa.pub file with a random text 
editor and copy all it's contents with ctrl+a and ctrl+c.
then navigate to the $HOME/Sailfish_SDK_install_dir/emulator/ssh/root 
and replace the contents of the authorized_keys file with the contents 
you just copied from the mer-qt-creator-rsa.pub file. Do the same with 
the authorized_keys file in 

This should fix the connection refused issue. I've noticed that it seems 
that when you close the VMs in another way then clicking the "stop SDK" 
and "stop emulator" buttons you often get the "connection refused" error 
the next time you start the Sailfish SDK. Possibly this has something to 
do with corruption/damaging of the keys when abruptly ending the ssh 
connection between the emulator/Mer SDK and Qt Creator/your host system. 
Although I've haven't got any evidence for this ;)

I hope this is helpful,


On 07/27/2013 12:29 PM, Canol Gökel wrote:
> Hello,
> I wanted to try Sailfish SDK. Installed VirtualBox and then the SDK. 
> The IDE started, I created the hello world app. But when I tried to 
> run it, it gave me the error: "MerSDK: Connection refused". I tried to 
> manually start the VMs using the buttons on left panel but it gave the 
> same error.
> What might be the problem?
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