[SailfishDevel] [WIP] Wayland Nemo VM Image (and new Nemo UI)

Andrea Bernabei and.bernabei at gmail.com
Thu Jul 18 16:03:49 UTC 2013

Hello guys :)

We all know Sailfish has moved to Wayland and will use Wayland by default
in its first phone :)

The time has come for us to start moving Nemo to Wayland as well!

This will give us the opportunity to use the same middleware Jolla is
currently using, and it's our chance to switch to Qt5 and be as connected
to Sailfish OS development as possible!

For the N9/N950 users: if you want to have the chance of seeing Sailfish OS
on your phone, please note that THIS is the way to go! No Wayland on Nemo,
no chance of having Sailfish on your phone! ;) Just to make things clear :D

So...what's the plan?

Yesterday I started working on making a Nemo VM i486 image which is as
Qt4-free as possible, and uses Wayland by default.

You can see the current status of this transition to Wayland here

Stskeeps suggested starting from the VM as it has a stable hardware
adaptation, we can do Wayland images for the other platforms later on
(n9/n950 anyone? :D)

Also, this whole Wayland/Qt5 thing is needed before we start implementing
stuff for the new Nemo UI (which is Glacier UI, at the moment), as it
wouldn't make sense to implement stuff in Qt4/X11 now and then port
everything to Qt5/Wayland shortly after that, right? :D

After fixing all the needed bits on the wiki page (i.e. look for all the
Qt4 and Qt4-dependent packages we can get rid of, and write down which of
those can be replaced with their Qt5 ports) we have to change stuff in
Nemo's boot process (which is using systemd) so that the new qt5 services
are used, and the Wayland compositor is run at startup, instead of the
current X11 compositor.

I know little about systemd at the moment, I'll start researching as I'm
done with the packages stuff...If you can help with systemd or can boost my
systemd knowledge, please contact me! :)

People from Jolla are already helping me, but they're often busy with other
stuff, and I can't waste too much of their time on this, I want them to
focus on Sailfish :D

So please bookmark the page I created, and if you want to help please come
talk to me at #nemomobile on IRC :)

This is all,
have a nice evening people!

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