[SailfishDevel] Sailfish Beta SDK with Qt5

Michael Hall mhall119 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 18 14:10:24 UTC 2013

Is there a pre-release/beta/daily available of the new SDK?

Michael Hall
mhall119 at gmail.com

On 07/15/2013 02:21 AM, Jarko Vihriala wrote:
> Hello,
> The official message in Dev Days was "This summer" and I can tell you it's soon ready to ship!
> thanks, Jarko (SDK PM)
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> Subject: [SailfishDevel] Sailfish Beta SDK with Qt5
> Now that we already have learned about some key changes in Sailfish OS
> the question is when the new SDK will be publicly available?
> It's quite obvious for me that in current situation the one available on
> the website has already become in large part obsolete.
> Best regards,
> Filip
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