[SailfishDevel] yet another pop problem (Dialog)

Wim de Vries wsvries at xs4all.nl
Thu Aug 15 17:51:50 UTC 2013

Hi Matt,
On 08/15/2013 12:09 PM, Matthew Vogt wrote:
> The simplest thing to do, is to wait for the page under your dialog to 
> be re-activated - when the page status is 'PageStaus.Active' again, 
> then you know that the pop transition has finished and you can issue a 
> new page stack change.
Yes, I'll do this one. Only have keep track from where it came when it 
is activated.

> However, what you should probably do in this case, is verify that the 
> dialog content is valid before you let the user accept the Dialog.  
> You can prevent the dialog being accepetd by binding an expression 
> which evaluates to false to the 'canAccept' property of the Dialog.  
> When you detect that the user has entered a name which already exists, 
> you can show a TextSwitch for the user to confirm that they wish to 
> overwrite the existing file.  When you're happy that the choice is 
> intentional, make the 'canAccept' expression evaluate to true.
Dont want to fire c++ validation for every key action.
Tried 'canAccept : false' at start, but couldn't find a trigger to 
intercept usr action to validate and then accept() or reject().

> You may also like to look at the text field examples in the component 
> gallery, which demonstrate how to visually indicate that the content 
> of a field is not currently in a valid state.
I did.
BTW: they don't work (anymore):

bash: /opt/sdk/componentgallery/usr/bin/silicacomponentgallery-example: 
No such file or directory

Remote application finished with exit code 127.

> Thanks,
> Matt
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> I am sorry, but some things that are so simple in QtWidgets do become 
> quite complex in Sailfish-QML.
> case:
> textedit->save-as(menu)
> push Dailog (usr inputs filename)
> C++ evaluates filename: file already exists!
> now I want push a "overwrite?" Dialog.
> But any of the PageStack  actions causes "Warning: cannot pop while 
> transition is in progress".
> The problem here is that the Dialog is always popped by the user. So 
> pagestack goes in transition and I cannot do anything on the pagestack 
> (immediately) after that.
> Thanks.

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