[SailfishDevel] page stack indicator

Wim de Vries wsvries at xs4all.nl
Mon Aug 12 11:36:48 UTC 2013

Thanks a lot.
That works!
This property isn't mentioned in the documentation (or am I looking in the
wrong place?).

The other issue: what should I do in a Page to keep the area of the page
stack indicator free. My y:80 is quite ugly.

> Do you mean setting following property to true/false on Page to hide the
> back navigation item? Try it and see what happens ;-)
> backNavigation: false
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> Hi,
> I am trying to find out how to sail around the page stack indicator.
> In my pages, I sometime want to show it, and sometime (Dialog) I need to
> hide it.
> Currently I use y:80 in Pages to have it visible, but I think that's very
> elegant.
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