[SailfishDevel] pagestack signals for eg pageback

Matthew Vogt matthew.vogt at jollamobile.com
Fri Aug 9 23:14:14 UTC 2013

Thanks for the extra detail, Wim.

You can probably do what you want in a handler to the statusChanged event:
    onStatusChanged: {
        if (status == PageStatus.Deactivating) {
            if (_navigation == PageNavigation.Back) {
                // User has navigated back from this page

Alternatively, you might prefer to use a Dialog for your list, in which case you can handle the user's navigation in response to the done signal:
    onDone: {
        if (result == DialogResult.Rejected) {
            // User has rejected the dialog

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Hi Matt
Benoît Hervier pointed me to the status property.
The scenario is simple.
I am rounding up a checklist app (for in a aircraft cockpit).
If the user navigates back, the complete list has to be reset (security
btw: the checklists are displayed in non-salfish colors (need max
contrast because of light), rest (editing 'done on the ground') is in
sailfish colors.
This simple app is part of an existing navigation (and more) system and
is an opportunity (for me) to learn and test C++<>QML within Sailfish.
Of course, all open source ;-)


On 08/09/2013 11:36 PM, Matthew Vogt wrote:
> Hi Wim.
> There are no signals for PageBack or PageForward in the Silica PageStack.  What are you trying to do?  From within a Page element, you can observe changes to the 'pageContainer' property (when added and removed from the PageStack), or the 'status' property (which reflects the page's state with respect to entering/leaving the top-of-stack condition).  You can also observe changes to the '_navigation' property, which is set to either PageNavigation.Back or PageNavigation.Forward for a page, when that page is navigated away from, as the previous stack top.
> If you need something else, please describe your use case so we can support it better.
> Thanks,
> Matt
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> Subject: [SailfishDevel] pagestack signals for eg pageback
> Hi,
> I cannot find the signals/functions of the pagestack (eg onPageBack) in
> the documentation.
> (the same goes for other silica elements as well).
> Am I over looking sth?
> Thanks.
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