[SailfishDevel] pagestack signals for eg pageback

Matthew Vogt matthew.vogt at jollamobile.com
Fri Aug 9 21:36:40 UTC 2013

Hi Wim.

There are no signals for PageBack or PageForward in the Silica PageStack.  What are you trying to do?  From within a Page element, you can observe changes to the 'pageContainer' property (when added and removed from the PageStack), or the 'status' property (which reflects the page's state with respect to entering/leaving the top-of-stack condition).  You can also observe changes to the '_navigation' property, which is set to either PageNavigation.Back or PageNavigation.Forward for a page, when that page is navigated away from, as the previous stack top.

If you need something else, please describe your use case so we can support it better.


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I cannot find the signals/functions of the pagestack (eg onPageBack) in
the documentation.
(the same goes for other silica elements as well).
Am I over looking sth?

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