[SailfishDevel] Is there a bug tracker?

David Greaves david.greaves at jollamobile.com
Wed Aug 7 11:33:17 UTC 2013

On 07/08/13 12:00, "Thomas B. Rücker" wrote:
> On 08/07/2013 10:53 AM, christopher.lamb at thurweb.ch wrote:
>> This always struck me as a little bit weak / weird. I would have
>> thought that a small team working hard on a fast developing project
>> needs a bug tracking tool just as much as any other, possibly even
>> more so. But I agree, it does not need to be formal, but there should
>> be something to ensure that issues don't get lost.
> I am 110% sure, that the Jolla team uses a issue tracker internally.
> Given Mer and Nemo are using BZ, I'd even hazard a guess, that it's also BZ.

Yes we do (and it is Bugzilla - we've pushed a fair bit of code out/upstream afaik).

One issue we face is to do with user identity and registration.
Providing a bugzilla is 'easy' - but then we have to support user login, email
etc - and that identity should be consistent across other SailfishOS and/or
Jolla sites and services. That part takes time.

In the meantime our developers are using the Mer and Nemo BZs for issues which
are related to the Mer tools and SDK itself and the Mer/Nemo parts of the
SailfishOS emulator. The problem there is that Silica components are not part of
the Mer or Nemo project and it is also confusing to ask users to report bugs to
different places. (More knowledgable developers could probably figure this out
but we don't want to overload the Mer guys ... oh wait, that's me... well, anyhow :)

It is also not good corporate behaviour. Companies like Jolla should take bug
reports about the product they ship, triage them and then either fix them or
direct them upstream (possibly improving the bug report as they do so). We plan
to have an extension that lets users see when we push bugs to upstream bug
tracking systems but ultimately the bug rests with the product and the company.
(Having said that the Mer project did help out Jolla by not being too fussy
about some jolla-specific stuff creeping into the Mer BZ recently)

Anyway - I had hoped we'd be ready to open the bug tracker alongside this
release but we didn't quite make it. We decided not to block the SDK release on
it though.

So I hope that's a useful update and explanation :)

>> This list is great for discussing stuff we find. As we are all
>> learning, many of our problems may not actually be caused by bugs,
>> rather by mistakes we are making. But if after a bit of discussion it
>> is decided that the behaviour is down to a bug, then it would be great
>> to be able to park the issue somewhere knowing it won't get lost.
> The burden here, lies obviously with the Jolla employees, reading and
> commenting on this list. Of course we can do our part to make their life
> easier, by essentially writing good bug reports, maybe even formatted
> for easy copy-paste to BZ. If a bug is discovered, reported on the list
> and then ack'd, by someone using a jollamobile.com email address or
> otherwise obviously a Jolla employee, then we should be able to trust,
> that they have filed this bug internally and it won't get lost. If we
> can't trust in that, then everything is moot and we could as well go
> shopping.

Yes. All that work is appreciated and we do file bugs internally.


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