[SailfishDevel] Other programming languages for developing Harbour apps.

Vesa-Matti Hartikainen vesa-matti.hartikainen at jolla.com
Mon Aug 10 07:39:53 UTC 2015


 You can certainly develop using almost any compiled language. Technically there is no limitations. However, we only accept linking to well known shared libraries  with stable API and ABI for the apps that we accept to Jolla app store. We do this to ensure apps keep working for the forseeable future. This may limit usefulness of other compiled languages than C and C++. 

 You can see other constrains we have set for apps in Jolla store from the Harbour FAQ at:

 And the list of accepted shared libraries at:


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Aihe: [SailfishDevel] Other programming languages for developing Harbour apps.

Hi all!

I aim more flexible way to develop software than static typing. And thus I'm looking for a possibility to make something cool with an also-compiled language named Common Lisp.

What I red on Sailfish website was something similar to "thou can use C++ or Python". I can fairly understand the choice - C++ is the primary language for Qt, and the same with Python - it is a popular language among OSS developers and its VM is required
 during runtime. 

However I don't know why other compiled to binary languages aren't even mentioned.

Is running not-C++ binaries anyhow restricted?

Michał Radwański

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